Eurosonic 2021
13 -16 January 2021
Groningen, Netherlands

Eurosonic goes digital.

The past twelve months haven’t quite turned out the way we would have liked it. Indeed, ESNS 2020 was one of the last festivals proper, complete with real musicians on real stages, with real punters cheering them on, before Covid-19’s devastating arrival. Along with many other artists, venues and festivals, the organisers of Eurosonic have fought and thought hard to devise a different way of putting on a show in spite of the difficult circumstances.

Thus, we are once again able to enjoy a Eurosonic festival, albeit one that takes place entirely in the digital sphere.

How? Five new acts will be part of the 2021 streaming programme and we also have the opportunity to present a focus on 7 artists from the 2020 selection during the European Music Week. Please, have a taste of swiss music…

Selection 2021

Five new acts will be part of the 2021 streaming programme, all highly recommended, of course!

Focus 2020

As part of the European Music Week, we’ll present 7 artists all figured strongly in the returns for the ETEP ranking.

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