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Eurosonic 2021

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Ad Infinitum

Swiss band Ad Infinitum sets the stage for your darkest nightmares with their debut Chapter I: Monarchy. The album grabs your demons by the horns, boasting energetic and uncompromising symphonic metal, led by the grand voice of Melissa Bonny (Rage Of Light, Warkings). Her desire to create her own music gave birth to Ad Infinitum in November 2018 with the single ‘I Am The Storm’. Soon afterwards her project turned into a full band when she recruited Niklas Müller, Jonas Asplind (Follow The Cipher) and Adrian Thessenvitz.

Thursday 14 January – 22:50 – 23:05 – Channel: ESNS 04

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The sophomore record from Swiss synth-pop mavericks Alois is called Azul (blue in Spanish) and is full of warm, life-affirming energies, infused with deep-seated melancholy. The songwriting combines Caribbean disco with elements of contemporary electronica, 80s synth-wave, Balearic dub and hints of trap. It’s a hybridised pop with a heavy predilection for the dance floor, as exemplified by their recent Skiclub Toggenburg collaborations as well. Alois are a proper band. They come from jazz and relish playing out.

Friday 15 January – 22:30 – 22:45 – Channel: ESNS 03



Since 2014 Augenwasser has released several tapes, records and 7 singles on Bongo Joe Records, La Suisse Primitive Records and Hot Dogma Records. Starting out from a garage/folk background and moving into a more electronic direction in recent years, the Swiss artist has kept the practice of homemade multi-trackings of his own brand of intimate ballads, as captured on Sleepdancer, his latest album, which came out in November, 2020.

Thursday 14 January – 20:10 – 20:20 – Channel: ESNS 02

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FlexFab & Ziller Bas

Swiss bass producer FlexFab joins forces with Kenyan rapper Ziller Bas in the MUGOGO project. Together, they deliver a solid mix of modern African club music, bass/electronic and rap in Ziller Bas’ own “Sweng Flow” dialect: a combination of English, Swahili and his native Giriama. The story began when FlexFab toured East Africa. During a show in the Kenyan town Kilifi, local rapper Ziller Bas insists on joining in. The chemistry is immediate. When FlexFab returns in early 2020 they record fourteen songs, three video clips and a documentary in two weeks.

Friday 15 January – 20:10 – 20:25 – Channel: ESNS 04

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Steiner & Madlaina

Steiner & Madlaina was founded by Nora Steiner and Madlaina Pollina. They released their debut LP “Cheers” via Glitterhouse in the Autumn of 2018 and enchanted the whole music world with songs like “Das schöne Leben” and “Wenn du mir glaubst”. Steiner & Madlaina are currently finishing their new album “Wünsch mir Glück”, aiming for another brilliant mix of pop, indie folk and the 60s with a January 2021 release.

Wednesday 13 January – 20:30 – 20:45 – Channel: ESNS 01