Selection 2020

Focus Country At The Eurosonic 2020 edition.

Switzerland was the focus country of the 2020 edition of Eurosonic, have a reminder of the great selection of artists we presented then.

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New sensation on Bongo Joe Records, AMAMI is a trio from Geneva who plays an exciting mixture of dancehall, tropical beats and dub. Created by the leader of Imperial Tiger Orchestra, AMAMI performs with a drum machine, heavy delays, a voice that is both rough and sharp, dub sirens, powerful keyboards, bass and an electronic trumpet. Dance, party people!



The Swiss noise rock trio Asbest already caused a stir with their debut EP Interstates in 2017. Then, with the release of first album Driven in September 2018 the international feedback arrived, the buzz grew and the band won the Song Of The Year Award. A tour through Germany provided their first taste of international success and now Asbest want so much more.

© Alper Yagcioglu

Bitter Moon

This is Bitter Moon, a Cosmic Tropical pop duo composed of Simon and Réka, terrestrially-bound to the Swiss cities of Lugano and Zürich. Their music – a hybrid of atmospheric and cinematic soundscapes, groovy analogue pop songs and dreamy Vangelis-like synthetic odysseys – is a passionate confession of their compulsive love for stories untold.

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Black Sea Dahu

Black Sea Dahu are Swiss singer-songwriter Janine Cathrein and a gang of musical cohorts. Think: modern-day Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters. But instead of dropping copious amounts of LSD and driving around in a VW mini-bus, they trip out on sound and studio-related cabin fever. They also make some of the most searing, contemporary, urban folk around.

© Miriam Vile

Camilla Sparksss

Barbara Lehnhoff aka Camilla Sparksss is a Swiss Canadian singer, songwriter and visual artist, also known from post-punk band Peter Kernel. She was born at -27 degrees in a small town near the Great Lakes. Second album Brutal came out in April 2019. An instinctive mixture of experimental, lo- fi electronic pop, and melodic collages, performed with turntables, fat synthesisers and cutting vocals.

Srgb_High_Res_Stehen_mit_Schal_Cella - Opportunity Cost0588


A young talent has emerged from the electronic music scene of Zurich that looks quite promising indeed. At only 21 years of age, Cella has achieved a unique balance between trap and future bass that’s catapulted him into the international orbit. The producer and instrumentalist accompanies ambitious touring with the diligent stockpiling of music, and now he’s chosen six singles for his effort, Opportunity Cost out in May 2019 via Quartz Records / Universal Music.

coilguns_geraud siegenthaler_2019 (1)


Coilguns is sure to crack your skull with their blend of noise and hardcore punk. The four hyperactive Swiss warriors of the heavy underground released their sophomore album March 2018 on Hummus Records. Millennals is a violent and over the top distorted record and the new material is delivering more menacing goods.

© Anais Blanchard

Emilie Zoé

Swiss singer-songwriter Emilie Zoé published two highly praised LPs on Hummus Records. She won a Swiss Music Award with The Very Start (2018). Zoé has been touring for ten years adapting her songs for theater plays, tv shows, live movie soundtracks and is currently presenting them on stage in a duo equipped with guitar and drums.

© Olivier Baer

Ikan Hyu

Elastic Plastic Power Pop is what they call their 22nd century hybrid. Ikan Hyu harbours an obsession with fishy business: The Swiss duo uses ‘synthesizerdeepseabass’, sharp guitar riffs and ‘dike breaking’ drumbeats to ‘get the planets dancing’ and proclaims: ‘All the fishes in the sea, get away ‘cuz here comes he: Ikan Hyu!’



Jessiquoi is a Swiss producer and performer with Australian roots. Her beats flow somewhere between fresh electronics, rap and a hint of pop. Word is spreading quickly about her extremely engaging live shows. She was awarded both ‘Best Electronic’ and ‘Demo of the Year’, out of 800 entries at the M4Music festival in Zürich. Debut album Glitch Trigger follows the stories of characters she invented, accompanied by a concept art booklet.

© Jeremie Carron

KT Gorique

Born in Abidjan from an Italian father and an Ivorian mother, KT spent most of her childhood in the Ivory Coast. At 11 she arrived in Switzerland and jumped into old-school hip hop with The Fugees, Notorious B.I.G. and Wu-Tang Clan. Later KT started expressing herself over rap instrumentals, and at 21 she became the first female ‘World Champion’ in hip hop competition ‘End of the Weak’ in New York. It was on her return home that local hip hop fans began calling her KT Gorique.

© Mehdi Benkler


Taking their first steps in London as a duo in 2015, Swiss combo L’Éclair expanded the band back in their hometown of Geneva. The result is a sextet inspired by groove and kraut rock of the Seventies.

La Colère

La Colère

She is still quite unknown even in the Swiss music scene. But recently, the young artiste La Colère took a major step forward towards a bright future: for “Surface”, her ambient-meets- trip-hop-meets-electro debut EP, she received a coveted Swiss Demotape Clinic Award.


Marius Bear

Marius Bear has taken a unique route, starting in the Swiss army (of the ‘knife’ fame), moving to New York and then a music production course at BIMM in London. All of this experience has made Marius a rich and many layered personality which comes out beautifully on the single ‘My Crown’.

© Ian G.C

Monumental Men

Monumental Men’s sound is driven by producers Biru and Melvyn Buss, dancefloor veterans with Round Table Knights and Mercury, as well as vocalist Roman Bühlmann, former lead singer of the folk outfit Patrick Bishop. The work of the crew from Bern, Switzerland sets out to capture the exciting dynamics of club music and translate that into contemporary pop.


Muthoni Drummer Queen

Muthoni Drummer Queen are giving the “Motown formula” a truly post-millennial makeover. The new album SHE is packed with soul-nourishing hits, distilling the rich spectrum of contemporary Afro-Diasporic sound into intelligent, timeless positive music to celebrate the beauty, strength, innovation and resilience of African women. SHE was recorded and produced by Muthoni in collaboration with the Swiss producers GR! and HOOK during a series of “bootcamp” sessions, for which Muthoni flew in from Nairobi, Kenya. It’s a concept album, channeling a prismatic array of stories about women. Musically, SHE is an amalgam of numerous styles. There are overt allusions to just about everything from old school hip hop, through blues, dancehall, retro-soul, future r&b, all types of African club inflections and a variety of global bass specimens.

© Ursina Giger

Pascal Gamboni

Pascal Gamboni is a singer, producer, songwriter. His music has been described as lo-fi and soulful; simple songs that capture the listener. He sings mainly in Romansh. Anyone who has seen him perform live knows of the power and depth of his music – it’s a sound that lingers on.


Ramin et Reda

From the Geneva scene, Ramin & Reda forms a binomial which explores and implements global roots samples in their electronic selection. Wave, indie, disco, rock, arabic, maghreban and all sort of shamanism influences are the masterpieces of their multicultural universe.

Sirens of Lesbos

Sirens of Lesbos

This Swiss five-piece originally set out to write an Ibiza hit for fun. And they succeeded! ‘Long Days, Hot Nights’ lead to a string of BBC Radio 1-supported hits, garnering over 20 million listens. Later the Sirens of Lesbos realised this direction didn’t represent the true heart of the group. They further developed their multicultural, multi-faceted sound, launching their label with single ‘We’ll Be Fine’ in 2018. In 2019 the band made its live debut.

Sophie Hunger

Sophie Hunger & Julian Sartorius

They are a perfect match: Sophie Hunger is by far the most successful Swiss artiste. With her intelligent pop songs, the singer-songwriter has made a name for herself far beyond the borders of Switzerland. Julian Sartorius is a tremendously capable drummer and percussionist. In Groningen, the cooperation of these two sound artists will be an absolute “must see” for music fans of any musical persuasion.

The Gardener & The Tree

The Gardener & The Tree

69591, LAXÅ’ is not just the location of Mossbo, Sweden. It is also the name of the diverse debut album from The Gardener & The Tree. As much a reflection of the Swiss band’s past as it is a window into the future. 69591, LAXÅ is their first full length, allowing the listener to witness their authentic and memorable tunes.

© Nils Sandmeier

Veronica Fusaro

In the quiet remoteness of her home recording studio, Veronica Fusaro developed her characteristic soul pop sound and the bluntness of her songs. She then stepped into the spotlight in 2016 with self-produced EP Lost In Thought and surprised the Swiss music industry by winning several awards. Touring ever since, her music matured and Veronica learned to build sound structures with live multi-instrumental loops. Third EP Sunkissed came out fall 2019.